Commercial Pest Control

Our commercial pest control division is ideal to treat any pest situation in a commercial establishment and facility, such as: restaurants, commercial kitchens, hotels, cafeterias, schools, government offices, office buildings etc.

Commercial pest control has different requirements. On top of being a potential place that is open to the public (making it harder to inspect and exterminate) shutting down a business due to a pest situation, especially rodents and bed bugs, can be deadly for the business.
When our team of professional exterminators arrive at the facility, we will conduct an extensive and meticulous inspection, to cover all bases and areas.
What is the most important thing to inspect in a commercial setting?
• Entry to a building or facility: Rodents and bugs always find a way, it can be water pipes, cracks in the wall or floor gaps. Our team has the powerful ability to examine large areas in a short time and provide time and cost effective treatment. In a business environment, you don’t always have the luxury of closing down the place or evacuating completely like in a residential situation. We will always try to make the extermination as stress-free and smooth as possible.
• Clients and employees areas: In a commercial facility, the number one priority is to protect your employers and the clients from any harm or negative exposure. We will also create a discreet process so you won’t risk losing business or disappointing consumers.
• Food and drinks: Leaving food around? Kitchen area is not clean enough? In some cases, rodents and bugs will be tempted to arrive on the scene due to open trash cans or sticky kitchen surfaces. Some bugs such as cockroaches eats everything from paper to gasoline. No matter which pest situation you suffer from –we will make sure we take the right measures to destroy the intruders completely. More than that, we will create an extensive prevention plan with verified products and techniques. The prevention plan will protect you from a re-occurring pest attack.
What kind of damages can happen in a commercial setting?
• Client complaints
• loss of business
• Damage to food or stock
• Disease transfer
• Health risks
• Food poisoning
• Damage to your reputation

Prevent and eliminate those risks by contacting our local pest specialists right away. Our local Cheektowaga commercial team is available. Rain or shine, our emergency Cheektowaga hotline will guarantee a quick inspection and solution right away!