Bed Bugs

Bed bugs, the kind of bugs we all know and dislike, are not exclusive to our beds. With that being said, they do get their name from their despicable habit of living and breeding in our beds, as well as feeding on our blood while we attempt to sleep at the comfort of our bedroom.
Bed bugs are one of the hardest pest to remove, due to a few reasons:
Their size: These tiny ones will often be found after we get bit. While it won’t hurt while they bite, they might feed on our blood for over 10 minutes at a time. The tiny red dots that will appear on the skin will be the indication. Also, the pain that comes along with it. Often a red swelling will start, itching and burning sensation will occur and it might even cause a full blown rash.
Their life cycle: Compared to other bugs like flies, mosquitoes and even fleas, bed bugs has a long life span. A month after their birth, they are already prone to attack, and they will usually survive 12 months. That leaves them with plenty of time to destroy our quality of life.
Their habits: Bed bugs harbor in our furniture and beds. Times vary, sometimes they will wait weeks and sometimes even months. You might not even know you have bed bugs problem until months after they entered your home. Advanced professional sensors will allow our exterminators to detect the bugs before they are out in the open and treat your pest problem accordingly.
To eliminate bed bugs completely from your home, you will need an expert professional care. It takes a combination of temperature treatments, eco-friendly detection techniques and a detailed, experienced eye and hand. Contact our expert exterminators as soon as you encounter a problem, we would love to help you get rid of it!
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